Sunday, 6 March 2011


Strong hands grab my hips and roughly pull me backwards. My back hits a hard body and even harder erection. A nose nuzzles my hair and I shiver. I know exactly who it is. Justin has been promising to fuck me senseless since the first day I met him. My roommate’s cousin – a seriously hot and thoroughly erotic boy. Justin grinds my ass into his rigid length. His promises began the day I moved into the apartment. What started out as a teasing “I bet we’d be great in bed together” gradually became “I can’t wait to taste you” then “I’m going to take you all night long” and finally, last night it was “I’m going to fuck you so hard and well that you won’t be able to walk for a week!” Oh how I’ve wanted Justin! And now here he was, in my room, with my roommate gone for the weekend, leaving the two of us alone.

Justin kisses my neck, breathing me in deeply, as his hands travel up from my hips to my waist. His warm breath tickles my ear as he whispers “It’s time for me to make good on my promises,” before he whips me around to face him. I get a momentary glimpse of lust darkened eyes before his mouth descends on mine. The kiss is hot and passionate and makes my nipples harden. Justin palms my backside and I slide my hands up his chest, resting them on his pecks. His nipples are as hard as my own and I can’t help but smile a little. Justin takes advantage of my parted lips and thrusts his tongue into my mouth. He swallows the moan that rises from my throat. His tongue swirls around my mouth. My head swims and I can’t think. His hands are a revelation in themselves. I can feel their soft skin slide under my shirt, lightly scraping me. They come to a rest right under my breasts, kneading the flesh there. I desperately want to feel them palming my mounds, pinching my already hard nipples. Justin's thumbs are making small circles, gradually working their way under my bra.

I slide my hands from Justin's chest to his neck and pull him harder into the kiss. I need to feel his skin against mine, need him inside me. Instead, he pulls away. I gasp and look up at him confused. Justin simply smiles devilishly and grabs the bottom of my shirt. In a swift motion he removes the piece of cloth then lunges for my neck. The feel of his lips on the sensitive skin of my throat causes me to groan with need. I arch my back, pressing my chest against his. I feel his hands tracing my spine. Justin reaches my bra and has no problem releasing the clasp. In seconds my breasts are bared to him for the first time. Justin steps back, fully removing his body from mine, to peruse my naked form. I shiver from the cold air now kissing my skin, and from the heated look in Justin's eyes. I can’t tell which is giving me goose-bumps. My heart beats a frantic tattoo and my breath can’t seem to find a rhythm. A slow, sensual smile grows on Justin's lips. He motions with his hand for me to spin for him. I oblige, a little confused. I’m never one to give up control, not even in the bedroom, but for some reason I know, without a doubt, that I will do whatever Justin demands of me. I find this sensation both worrying and thrilling. As I complete my turn, I look up into Justin's eyes. The deep desire that is reflected there astounds me. My panties are soaked, and I can’t wait to have them off.

Justin grasps the hem of his t-shirt and slowly pulls it over his head, never taking his eyes off me. The view of Justin's torso and smooth skin, makes me want to run my hands and tongue all over him. I ache to see what Justin has in store for me. He crooks his finger in a come-hither motion and I find myself being drawn to him, almost involuntarily. It is as if my body has taken over, ignoring my brain’s rationality. I close the distance between us quickly. Justin smiles again and my heart rate picks up. He grasps the back of my neck with one hand and the belt loop of my jeans with the other and pulls me to him. Justin's lips on mine are firm and hot, and his tongue drives me insane with lust. He kisses down to my neck and sucks. His hands move in tandem, one down, the other up, meeting on my breasts. I gasp as Justin pulls both my nipples. His lips and talented tongue move downward, over the curve of one of my breasts to suck my nipple. The sensation nearly drives me to my knees. Pleasure beyond anything I have ever felt courses through my body. The rough texture of Justin's tongue combines with the wet warmth of his mouth and the feeling is extraordinary. I moan uncontrollably. Justin sucks hard then bites down. I cry out, my juices now flowing down my thighs. He quickly moves to my other breast and sucks and bites. Justin's hands move down to my jeans, and in seconds I am completely bare.

Justin shifts to his knees, fully removing my pants and panties. I tangle my fingers in his hair. He looks up at me with a devilish grin. His hands grasp my ass cheeks and pull me forward. I hear him breathe deeply and moan. Justin looks up again and slowly licks his lips. I feel myself trembling all over, in anticipation of what is to happen. Justin doesn’t keep me waiting long. Once again Justin pulls me forward and I almost stumble. He steadies me, holding on to my hips with his strong hands. Just as I regain my balance, I feel Justin's slick tongue slide along my folds. I moan, wanting to writhe, but not risking it. I don’t want to fall over and lose contact with that hot organ. Justin's tongue licks me relentlessly. He plunges into my depths with no hesitation. He is still holding on to me, and I am eternally grateful, because if he wasn’t, I would be flat on the floor. Justin's tongue is making me light headed. But he is staying away from the place I so desperately want him. He licks everywhere but my clit. My bundle of nerves has always been so incredibly sensitive, and more often than not I need to have it rubbed or sucked to get off. I don’t know if Justin knows this, all I know is that he is driving me insane with need. I start to moan in complaint. Justin doesn’t remove his tongue from my pussy, but simply raises his eyes. He lifts an eyebrow.

“Suck my clit!” I exclaim. Justin simply smiles and, keeping eye contact, licks me from my asshole right up to just below my clit. I groan and resist the urge to stamp my foot. Justin licks me again, this time harder. I think I know what he wants, but I don’t know if I want to beg him, at least not this early on. Justin's continued licking, and avoidance of my clit, has me so desperate to cum that I seriously contemplate begging. I assume Justin saw the indecision (mixed with the need) on my face because he sits back a little, breaking contact. I groan and try to force him back, but he’s strong. With a shake of his head he removes my fingers from his hair. Justin looks at me with a smirk that is at once sexy and annoying. I silently vow to myself to wipe that smirk off his face before the night is over. Justin is just looking at me, smirking, so I growl “What?” which causes Justin's smirk to grow into a grin.

“Beg me,” Justin whispers.

“Excuse me?” I feign shock, raising my hand to my chest.

“You heard me,” Justin says, more forcefully. “Beg me. I want to hear you beg for me to suck on your clit. In fact, I want you to beg me all night long.” The prospect of actually telling Justin what I want, begging for it, has me hotter and wetter than I would have every thought possible. I know I will do it, but I still want to play for a little while.

“And if I don’t?” I ask. “You want me bad, and I seriously doubt you would leave here without a little satisfaction.” He doesn’t seem mad, doesn’t get up, simply looks at me. But I see something shift in his eyes. They become more heated. I figure out that Justin likes a little defiance, so I notch it up a bit. I take a step back and put my hands on my hips.

“I refuse to beg for something that you will probably give me anyway,” I say, reasonably sure of Justin's response. Justin confirms my assumptions. He growls low, causing me to shiver with arousal. The look in his eyes is positively wild. He reaches for me, and I take another step back. The backs of my knees hit my bed and I almost fall over. Apparently balance is not my forte today. Justin sits back on his haunches for a second and looks at me appraisingly. Then he grins widely.

“You will beg me,” Justin states simply. “You will beg me immediately, because I know you want me just as much as I want you. And right now you want to cum so badly you can taste it.” He advances on me on his hands and knees, and I have nowhere to go. “You know I can make you scream louder and cum harder than you ever have.” Justin reaches me, still on his knees. He pushes me and I land on my back on the bed. I struggle to my elbows as he spreads my legs wide. He licks my inner thighs, avoiding my now dripping pussy. I whimper. I can’t help it, I want him so badly. Then he licks my pussy, forcing his tongue far into my hole. I’m shaking uncontrollably. Justin lifts his head again and whispers across my hot flesh “Beg me.” I shake my head. He licks me again, holding my legs far apart with a firm grip on my thighs. “Beg me, now,” Justin says, more forcefully. I whimper and try to shake my head again, but he plunges two fingers into my desperate pussy, and I cry out instead. Justin's mouth is so close to my clit, and his fingers are sliding hard in and out and I give in.

“Please! Oh god, please!” I scream out.

“Please what?” Justin demands.

“Please lick my clit! Suck it! Bite it! Oh god, please make me cum!” There, I begged. I expected Justin to comply right away, after getting what he wanted, but he doesn’t. Instead he keeps up his digital assault, breathing on my clit. I snap my head up, furious that he would continue to deny me. As soon as we lock gazes, Justin drops his head. I feel his mouth close around my clit, and I can’t look away. He sucks on my hard nub, and I feel his tongue dancing over it. I groan and moan and buck wildly, unable to move my gaze from his. His fingers pick up the pace and he bites down gently. My orgasm comes crashing down upon me, and I gush. I’m panting and can’t seem to catch my breath. Justin hasn’t stopped. I feel his fingers continuing to pump in and out of me, and his mouth, tongue and teeth are still pleasuring my sensitive clit. Moments after my first orgasm, I feel another building. This one promises to be far more explosive than the previous one. In seconds it breaks over me, and I gasp. I see white lights pop in my vision as Justin's mouth and fingers carry me to heights previously unknown. And still he continues. Just as I think I can’t cum anymore, my body shuddering at an alarming rate, Justin slows, and comes to a stop.

Justin sits back on his haunches, breaking contact. I flop back onto the bed and close my eyes. Exhaustion threatens to consume me. I feel the bed shift. My eyes open. Justin has come to rest beside me, propped up on one elbow, and the grin on his face is one of pure self-satisfaction. Justin got me to beg and plead, and then he blew my mind with not one, but two fantastic, earth-moving orgasms. The grin is just a little too cocky for me. He brushes a lock of hair from my eyes and cups my cheek. Then he lowers his head and kisses me. It is gentle and surprisingly tender. He raises his head again. His thumb brushes my overheated cheek while he simply looks into my eyes. My breath catches as I see the hunger returning. But under all that desire I see something else, or at least the beginning of something. I think I know what it is, but before I have a chance to fully think about it, that cocky grin returns. It starts to annoy me. I decide that payback is due.

I push on Justin's shoulder, hard, and catch him off-guard. He tumbles to his back. I straddle his waist, fully aware that my juices are flowing all over his sexy abs. I brace myself on my hands to the sides of his head and lean down. I kiss him hard, using gravity to my advantage. I writhe over Jutin's body. He groans and grasps my hips. He pushes until my pussy is over his still-jeans-covered cock. I grind my hips, keeping the kiss hot and passionate. Justin thrusts up. The friction of his jeans against my sensitive slit has me moaning loudly. I move my lips from Justin's, down over his strong jaw to his neck. I bite and suck the skin there, causing Justin to moan. He thrusts harder. I sit back up and smile down at him. I figure my smile must have been on the feral side because Justin suddenly looks at me warily. My plans run through my head and I practically sigh. I waste no more time and shimmy down Justin's body until my feet touch the floor. He sits up and reaches for me. I back away, kneel and shake my head.

“Now it’s time for a little payback, sir,” I say, barely recognizing the husky voice that emanates from my throat. Justin looks at me a little shocked. I take advantage of his confusion and reach for his belt buckle. In record time I have his pants off and thrown into some distant corner of my room. The size and hardness of Justin's erection makes my mouth salivate and my breathing erratic. He is longer than I anticipated (and fantasized about). He is hard as steel, and there is a drop of pre-cum at the tip. I take hold of his rigid length. Justin moans as my fingers attempt to close around him. I barely make it. I pump up and down once, and Justin groans, moving his hips. I tell him to stop moving, and he does, but very reluctantly. Judging by the look in his eyes, I will pay for commanding him like this. But I don’t care.

I know it’s all worth it as I lower my head and take him into my waiting mouth. I struggle to take in the full length of him. I lick him and suck, using my hand to pump where I can’t reach. Justin tastes so manly, perfect. I shiver hard, thinking about having this hard appendage pounding in and out of my pussy. So I suck harder, changing the pace at irregular intervals. I intersperse the hard sucking with base to tip licking. I know Justin’s close because he’s writhing and cursing softly. I lick down the length of him to suck his balls. I lick them, tease them, lightly graze my teeth over them. Justin shudders and says my name hoarsely. I move back to his thick, stiff prick and take the whole long shaft into my mouth. I feel him at the back of my throat and try not to gag. I suck hard all the way up, my cheeks hollowing with the effort. At the very tip I lick the slit. Justin shudders again as I take him back into my mouth. He grabs my hair, hard, and bucks his hips once, twice. Justin shouts and cums, filling my mouth with his hot semen. I swallow as much of it as I can, but there is too much. Some dribbles down to the bed, and more down my chin. I still have him in my mouth as he comes down. After he finishes, I lick up everything that I missed.

I sit back a bit, revelling in my ability to make him cum. It gives me great pleasure to know that I could give him even a modicum of satisfaction that he just gave me. His cock is still semi-erect. The ache between my thighs has returned with a vengeance. Just as the thoughts of what lay ahead begin to flitter through my brain, Justin sits up and grabs me roughly by the arms. He flings me on the bed and flips me over, so that I’m lying flat on my stomach. Justin leans over me, his growing erection lying hot on my lower back. I feel his breath tickle my ear. Justin whispers “Now it’s my turn!” I have only a second to even begin to comprehend the implications. He grabs my hips and pulls me up to my knees. He is still leaning over me, so I struggle to get up on my hands. But he is having none of it. Justin “tut-tuts” and forces me back down with a firm hand. It seems Justin wants me to keep my upper body firm to the mattress, while my ass sticks up in the air. The anticipation of having Justin buried deep inside me from behind makes me moan and writhe beneath him. I feel Justin shift backwards a bit. Then I feel his hot length rubbing between my ass cheeks. It turns me on so much, I moan. He slides his hard cock further. His hands grip my hips harder. He slides between my legs. I feel him slide against my sensitive clit and I moan, again. He coats his dick in my free-flowing juices. He shivers above me, and I wonder if he is thinking about what is to come too. I struggle to turn my head to look at him, but I can’t. Justin raises himself up a bit and I breathe a little easier. Just as I inhale a big lungful of sweet air, he plunges into me.

My breath whooshes out of my body. He is so big and fills me so completely. I feel weak with the desire for him. Then Justin begins to move. The feeling is so incredible that I can’t help but moan and writhe. He starts up a slow, mind-numbing rhythm. I quickly match him thrust for thrust, wanting desperately to cum. But he thwarts my plans. He pulls out completely. I groan in protest, but Justin just grins. Then Justin runs his hand down my body and finds my sensitive nub. He rubs and I whimper. He has me close, but is holding back. I decide to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. I reach out and grasp Justin's cock. He pulses and thickens in my hand, and it’s my turn to grin. Justin’s eyes are shut, the look on his face a cross between pleasure and pure torture. I giggle a little. His eyes snap open, and now he looks pissed and amused. I figure he has thoughts of retribution on his mind, but I’ve been stroking him, and judging by his ragged breath and the sweat on his forehead, I think he’s as close to cumming as I am. I smile triumphantly. I tug on his dick and guide him to my pussy. He puts up little resistance, probably because I have such a firm grip on him. Justin looks like he is about to protest, but I wrap my legs around his waist and thrust my hips up, taking all of him into me at once.

We both let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. The power struggle between us ceases for the moment, as we take a moment to appreciate the joining of our bodies. I move my hips slightly, urging him on. Justin takes the hint and starts another slow pounding. He shifts forward a bit. With this new angle, my clitoris rubs against the base of Justin’s cock. The sensation is blindingly glorious. Justin ups the pleasure by pulling on one of my nipples. He pinches hard. I arch my back involuntarily, and he looks supremely pleased with himself. I curse him, and he just laughs. I squeeze my inner muscles, wiping the grin off his face. He picks up the pace. He slams into me with such amazing force that I think the bed is moving. I’m not sure if it is, because I can’t think about anything beyond Justin’s amazing cock. He abandons my nipple to better balance himself. He places his hands to either side of my head and pounds into me relentlessly. I can’t find my breath. I gasp and sputter, wanting nothing more than to cum. Justin’s grunting and breathing heavily. I finally catch my breath, and all I can do is moan his name, over and over again. I feel the sublime peak nearing. His rhythm breaks and he thrusts into me wildly. My orgasm crashes over me with incredible force. The breath I just found gets lost again. I’m screaming his name so loudly I know I won’t have a voice tomorrow. Suddenly, Justin let’s out hoarse shout and I feel jets of his cum shoot into me. I loose track of time as wave after wave of pure pleasure wash over me. It’s the longest orgasm I’ve ever had.

As our orgasms end, Justin slumps forward. His body pins mine to the bed and he lets out a satisfied groan. I know I have a ridiculous smile on my face, but I can’t help it. He props himself back up on his elbows, leaning over me. His grin matches mine. He bends his head toward mine, and captures my mouth in another earth-moving kiss. He breaks the kiss and rolls onto his back beside me, pulling me along with him. I’m curled up beside him, when he looks down to me.

“Told you I keep my promises,” Justin says, sounding very pleased with himself.

“Well, I’ve got to tell you, I keep my promises too,” I say, a sly grin spreading on my face. “And right now I promise you this isn’t over.” I swing my leg over Justin's body and straddle him, ready for more.



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