Sunday, 6 March 2011

just fuck me

WARNING: Biebergasmic BIEBERSEX Graphic R RATED ;)

Justins POV

Going to school is boring, having classes is even more boring and when you think it cant be more boring than it already is BAYUM teacher presentation. My girlfriend Erin was sitting right next to me, she wasnt paying any attention either, but to me that wasnt surprising. Shes not the kinda girl that does pay attention to teacher, shes more wild and rebellious, which is why i love her. I guess you could say shes the kinda girl that likes to explore, sexually and non sexually. She's smart but she's popular and a very sexy cheerleader. Today she had a pratice and she hadnt had time to change between lesson, she was still wearing her hot tight uniform. It was always fun and not to mention hot to watch her pratice, her blonde straight hair that was during practice tucked into a ponytail, swing around her head, her slim legs running across the floor and once in a while our brown eyes met.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear

"Im bored" She smiled slightly as she shifted herself in her chair.

"Me too" she whispered, her hand rubbed my knee and her head found my shoulder. I tucked my arm around her neck and i saw a smile creep on her face as her hand moved closer to my crotch. At first i thought it wasnt on perpose but when i felt her hand grasp onto my buldge i realized it WAS on perpose. She gently stroked my now hard dick through the thin jeans fabric. She pretended as if nothing happened.

I shifted my body in the uncomfortable chair, spreading my legs a little, she smirked and continued to rubb, not to hard and not nearly as hard as i wanted her to. I stroked her cheek lightly and then my hand fell down onto her hips, it circulated over her stomach, my fingers making invisible circles. I could hear a soft quiet moan escape between her soft moistured lips. My fingers continue to trace down her stomach then down her soft legs that were perfectly tanned. They felt smooth. My fingers then went under her skirt, they continued to draw invisible cirles this time on her inner thighs. Another soft moan escaped from her lips, her hand still on my crotch, i could feel her breath against my neck, it was getting faster and more impatient.

I pushed her panties aside to i could feel her wet pussy, my fingers traced around the swollen and sexually frustrated area as Erin continued to rub me harder. OH it felt amazing. The teacher and everyone was unaware of everything we did, which made us even more excited. The feeling off being caught, that naughty wild feeling that my girlfriend, my sexy girlfriend lived for. Her whole life had been all about these feelings, thats why we had done it everywhere, parking lot, dressing room, public toilets, parents bedroom, restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys. You name it.

I pushed a finger inside her making her gasp a little, i pushed it further in then waited for her pussy to adjust to the new object inside her. It reponded with a wave of juice that was poured over my finger. YUM. I started moving my finger in and out, not to fast not to slow, just like she was rubbing me not to hard, not to light. OH Sexual frustration at its best. I fingered harder and she went faster but i wanted more, i wanted her to cum all over my finger then after the lession we could sneak away to the locker rooms. I fingered harder and harder and harder, hitting her spot over and over again until she finally came. Her breathing was quiet but quick, her face was showing no emotions but i could feel her stomach letting go of everything it had held back, her body shivering on the chair and her head spinning. She was in heaven.

I leaned over my desk and pushed my pencil down on the ground, it made a sound as it hit the wooden floor, but nobody cared.

"Opps i dropped my pencil" I whispered in her ear. "Ill be right back" I went under the table, the pencil had landed near her feet, perfect. I looked up at her making eyecontact, she looked down at me. I began to lick my finger off, tasting her salty yet sweet cum on my finger. But that wasnt enough i needed more. As i was about to dive inbetween her legs the bell rang, i quickly grabbed my pen and went back up from under the table.

Erin and i both rushed out of the classroom without saying a word neither of us we went down to the locker rooms on the bottom floor. We went into the boys locker room figuring it would be more "safe" cause girls have the tendency to go check on their make up and stuff. I know i said before my girlfriend likes to play it wild and almost getting caught but she still prefers to not be caught, not that we've ever gotten caught but still.

I pushed her down on the bench making her lie down as could finally taste her again, my head dive down right inbetween her legs tasting the sweet cum that had ran down her inner thighs, i teased her with my tongue, going slowly upwards the tip of it brushing against her pussy. She moaned loud this time, she didnt care who could possibly hear her. I slammed my tongue inside her and she screamed out loud, i like when she did that it turned me on.

I continued to lick her until she came multiple times, then she told me to undress. I did as i was told a quickly threw my clothes on the floor. She pushed me up against the lockers and gave me a hard breathtaking kiss, her lips danced inbetween mine and her tongue tried to take control of mine even thought we both knew that would never happen. She grabbed my waist and pushed me down on the bench, she sat down ontop of my her hips crushing against mine, she rubbed her body against mine then she rocked her hips in a large circle. I moaned and begged for her...

"Please just fuck me"

She positioned herself ontop of me then she slowly grinded her body down on my dick. Oh the way she made me feel, i was ready to cum right there but i held it back otherwise this wouldnt last to long. Her body now with every thrust slammed down harder on me. She was still wearing her cheerleader skirt but her shirt was long gone. I took one of her nipples in my moth and sucked them hard as she lied down ontop of me, her hips we're circling around mine, her pussy hugging my dick tight, she was ready to cum. Then someone entered the room. Good thing it was one of my friends otherwise id been toased.

(You can imagine whoever of justins friends you want but ill write Christian cause i imagine him.)

Christian just stood there and watched me and Erin as she once again picked up her fast pace, her hair swung around her face as she held onto my body, her hips crashing hard against mine, it almost hurt. She swung her hair back and looked at christian while fucking me. She stopped for a second.

"Christian, am i making you horny?" She whispered and motioned for him to come over. Christian nodded slightly then he looked at me as if i knew what she was doing, but i didnt. But i assumed whatever she was doing it would be hot.

"Want to join us" She whispered. She motioned for him to undress and then she climbed off me. "You guys wanna make a girl feel loved?" She asked smirking.

"OH YES" We both said. Omg nothing could get hotter than this, besides for some weird reason ive always wanted to see my girlfriend fuck some other guy. I dont know, i guess its all about crazy teen hormones. Erin once against pushed my up against the wall this time she didnt hesitate my dick went straight into her pussy and she moaned loud.

"Mmmm, make me feel good" As weird as it might sound this was probably one of the best things ever in my life and hopefully Christian thought the same, but it would be kinda weird having sex with your best friends girlfriend wouldnt it? Good thing christian didnt mind. Erin started to grind harder against my body, her breasts hitting my chest with every thrust.

"Come here Christian" She moaned and slapped her tight ass with her hand. He didnt hesitate, he slammed right into her, her moanings filled the room as we both thrust in and out of her making her go insane probably. I leaned into suck her breats as Christian bit her shoulders and kissed her neck. I guess this was what ever girl wished for and i could see the pleasure reflect in her eyes that soon closed. Her body shivered between mines and Christians and her moanings became louder and louder, her pussy once again cleching around me.

"Ohhh make me cum boys" She moaned. Christian and i both pushed harder into her and she came all over me. She kissed me then she tilted her head and kissed my best friend. OH it was sooo sexy, the way she kissed him right infront of my face. But i still knew she was mine.

I loved her and she loved me. Nothing would change that, not even my best friend. This was just another experinment that Erin had decided to take on. Her whole body was an experiment to her and my body was just a tool to help her experiment. Or not just a tool, it was and is her greatest desire.