Saturday, 5 March 2011

Justin has finally come for Mimi..

It had been exactly 3 weeks since Mimi last saw Justin. She was beginning to think this was never going to happen and had become complacent.

No more going to bed at night with butterflies in her tummy wondering if tonight was the night. No more being cautious and careful and locking all the doors and windows religiously.

No more walking quickly to her car in the evenings after school.

Mimi was just complacent.

Saturday night had arrived and Mimi was invited to a friends party. Feeling a little bummed, Mimi declined and decided to stay in and watch bad movies and eat bad food. It had been ages since Mimi spent a Saturday night at home alone, she was actually looking forward to it.

Mimi curled up on the lounge and watched a bad horror flick, followed by a rom-com that was really not much better. She ate popcorn and ice cream and indulged in a few vodka, lime and soda’s before running herself a nice, hot bubble bath.

Mimi slipped into the bath with the latest trashy gossip magazine to accompany her and relaxed. It had been a hectic few weeks at school and it was mentally tiring waiting for Justin to resurface and Mimi was glad she stayed home to enjoy some “me” time.

As she lay there flicking through the magazine pages, occasionally glancing at her erect nipples as they poked out through the bubbles, Mimi found her hands wandering to her hot, wet pussy. Mimi threw the magazine on the floor, closed her eyes and started to rub her clit. It felt so good to be emersed in the hot water, totally relaxed, fingering herself. Mimi felt her orgasm building and she moaned louder and louder, her back arched, she bit her bottom lip and let out a quiet scream as she came there in the bath tub, eyes closed, nipples hard, skin hot and wet.

Mimi couldn’t remember the last time she felt so relaxed. It was bliss. She sat up and let the plug out and stood and let the hot water and bubbles drip off her naked body before grabbing a towel and heading to her bedroom. Mimi dried herself off, grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen and slid naked and hot into her bed.

It was not long before Mimi was in a deep sleep. A dream woke her about 2am, as she rolled over to look at the clock she heard her dogs barking. They would not stop and Mimi thought it best she go and investigate. She threw on an oversized white singlet and headed to the back door.

“Hmmmm” Mimi thought. Nothing looked out of place out there, it has started to rain and Mimi heard thunder in the distance. “That’s probably what the dog’s were barking at” she thought to herself.The dogs both stopped barking when they saw Mimi at the door and for a moment she contemplated letting them inside to sleep. She decided against it because they were both so charged up and energetic and she headed back to her room.

Mimi had walked into her bedroom and was standing at the end of her bed as she lifted her singlet over her head. The dim light from the moon was shining through the timber blinds over her window and the rain had got heavier, it was noisy on the tin roof.

Mimi was about to get back into bed when suddenly someone stepped out from behind her bedroom door. It all happened so fast, Mimi turned but all she could see was a tall, dark figure. His face was covered with a ski-mask. The only skin exposed was his hands.

“Justin?” Mimi thought as she stood frozen with this man behind her naked body.

Suddenly he grabbed Mimi by her arms, pulling them both behind her back and handcuffing them.

The cuffs hurt Mimi’s wrists but she was extremely turned on as she stood there naked, hands cuffed behind her back with this man behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her shoulders. He was breathing heavy. He made his way around her entire body, as if seeing her for the first time. He then said “You dirty little slut” and Mimi was blind-folded and gagged and thrown down on her bed, on her stomach.

Mimi didn’t recognize his voice. It wasn’t Justin?! Should she panic and try and scream or get away or did Justin just send someone else to fulfill this fantasy? Christian Maybe? Justin knew Mimi had a thing for him.

Before Mimi could give it another thought she heard the masked man open her front door. She could hear footsteps heading back towards her and whispering. She had no idea how many people were in her house, she was aroused and terrified at the same time.

Someone grabbed Mimi's hips and lifted them up. She was naked on the bed, hands cuffed behind her back, blindfolded, gagged and her ass was up in the air. She heard more whispering and the sounds of someone going through her bedside cupboard. She was concentrating on the voices , wondering if she could hear Justin when her naked, exposed asshole was penetrated buy what she thought was two or three fingers? They were thrusting in and out, getting faster and faster. A second hand started to finger her pussy. Mimi didn’t know if this was the same person who was abusing her asshole, and she really didn’t care. It actually felt amazing.

Both hands suddenly stopped and the room was empty. “Where the fuck did they go?” Mimi thought to herself. Then she heard someone behind her again, this time no whispering, no fingers in her ass. Mimi was rammed hard by a huge cock, right in her asshole. It made her let out a little scream, but she was not allowed to make any noise. Whoever was fucking her told her to “shut the fuck up and not say another word”

Mimi's gag was removed by someone else as she was being fucked hard in her ass. It wasn’t removed so she could speak, or breath a little easier, the second it was taken out, a big hard cock was shoved in her mouth. This cock she knew was Justin's. She had sucked his cock so many times she knew every inch of it. What Mimi didn’t know was who was fucking her. It felt so good though, it didn’t matter.

Mimi gagged on Justin's cock. He was fucking her face harder than he ever had before. Pulling her hair and forcing his cock further and further down the back of her throat. Mimi could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she struggled to stop herself from throwing up on Justin's cock.

He was being so forceful, she loved it and hated it at the same time.

The cock in her ass was fucking her harder as well. She could hear him spitting on his cock and in her asshole before he would shove it back in and pound away. He was slapping her pussy as well, with every thrust in her asshole he would slap her wet cunt.

Justin was about to blow his load down Mimi’s throat. She had been throat fucked so hard and so deep she didn’t think she could swallow his cum. She wanted to throw up and as Justin's warm load hit the back of her throat she did just that. Justin’s spunk ended up on Mimi’s bed as she heaved it all back up almost as soon as it went down.

Mimi got in trouble for that. Justin was not happy. He told her that she better not do that again, or there would be punishment. Then he slapped her right tit. The gag was shoved back in Mimi’s mouth and the man fucking her ass slapped her wet cunt one last time before exploding his load in her asshole.

Almost instantly Mimi was pulled off the bed and onto her feet. The handcuffs were removed, but only briefly. Her hands were now cuffed at the front of her body, the blindfold remained, as did the gag. A sheet or light blanket was wrapped around Mimi and she was picked up and thrown over the shoulder of one of the men in her room. “Where the fuck am I going?” she thought to herself. With that she heard her front door open, she was carried outside where she heard a car motor running. The front door closed and she was put in what she thought was the boot of a car.

There Mimi was, naked, her asshole dripping cum, her throat sore from being fucked and throwing up Justin's load, blindfolded, gagged, wrapped in a sheet and in the boot of a car. It was not how she had thought it would be, but she was loving every second of it. Justin was treating her like a filthy slut and taking her at his will.

With that, the car started to move.

Wherever she was going, she was on her way